Jan-Jaap Kramer

VP Operations

JJ Kramer began his anti-fraud career within a major Dutch airline where he was responsible for developing the company’s defences against credit card fraud. In 2009 he launched a successful consultancy which responded to the needs of airlines on all continents who were being targeted by fraudsters. JJ became one of the best-known speakers at international conferences on anti-fraud measures. He has worked with Europol, Interpol and police forces all around the world as well as with all sectors of the payments and loyalty industries. JJ has been instrumental in launching a negative data-sharing initiative in the global airline industry.


Patrick van der Knoop


Patrick is a career specialist in the travel and airline industry. He is passionate about the Payments & Fraud sectors and has held several senior management positions in these areas. Currently he holds a leading global sales position for a major German Fintech company. Patrick is acknowledged as one of the leading visionaries in the complex triangle where the Travel, Airline and Loyalty industries meet.