Maintaining Loyalty

Protecting customer data from fraud

Loyalty fraud is big and getting bigger. Organized fraudsters are targeting every organization running a loyalty scheme. We help you protect your loyal customers.

Titanium is both a Technology
and a Community.


The Titanium database is part of your shield against fraud. Check suspect data easily.


The global Titanium community shares insights, strategies and tactics through a 24/7 forum. Get connected.

Loyalty Fraud in the news. A round-up of the major events of the last week.

VISA reports high levels of loyalty fraud

Visa subsidiary Cybersource reports that 90% of 120 companies surveyed reported ‘significant’ levels of loyalty fraud.

Loyalty Gets Tough

Businesses and loyalty schemes have a new ally to fight fraud. It’s called Titanium.


data correspondence

Different data elements from each industry made readable by other industries.

Huge suspect

Thousands of known/suspected fraudster contact details.

All loyalty
schemes shielded:

Hotels, car rental, travel agents and more. Loyalty fraud gangs work across all industries. So do we.

Vast anti-fraud

Titanium founders have spent over 30 years fighting online fraud.


Set-up and training can take as little as an hour.

to use

Single screen operation for fast results.

There are many different types of loyalty fraud including account take-over, earning of points by deceit, illegal points redemption etc.

Which one are you concerned about today?